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Dream destinations : top 10

Paris. The Joy of living.
Round trip flight from 875:- only !

Paris has been described as “the joy of living in a myriad of little things: the scent of a cup of coffee and croissants in the morning,” elegant women in grey suits “smiling in the streets, the smell of hot bread,” the pungent smells in the food markets, the bouquet of “a bottle of wine shared with friends,” the trail of mythic perfumes wafting over the doorsill of luxury boutiques like incense in houses of worship in a country that believes only in life.

Long haul flights

New York

New York City
from 3 556:-

Los Angeles

Los Angeles
from 3 998:-


from 4 052:-


from 8 390:-

Santiago de Chile

Santiago De Chile
from 9 525:-

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
from 7 569:-

cape town

Cape Town
from 4 722:-


from 4 716:-


from 4 599:-

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- Travel period Mexico: between 16/01/2017 and 22/03/2017 or 12/10/2017 and 31/10/2017.
- Travel period Asia, South America, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Africa, Middle East: between 11/01/2017 and 23/06/2017 or 22/08/2017 and 16/12/2017.
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