A city in perpetual motion

The second largest city in France, Marseilles is renowned for its high-quality urban development and constant creativity.

Marseilles, the oldest city in France, founded 2,600 years ago, today boasts 1.2 million proud citizens. Spread over 57 kilometres of coastline, with 20 calanques (inlets), the city sets records for sunshine: up to 300 days a year.

The visitor wanders through 26 centuries here, from the site of Fort Saint-Jean, occupied since ancient times, to the forts encircling the port, to the churches and old streets, to the large architectural projects of the 21st century, such as the new Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations.

You have to walk—be a flâneur—in Marseilles to capture the richness of its heritage and the myriad colours of its diversity and multiculturalism.

Go to the old port and watch small fishing boats head out to sea and return. Visit the Panier, an authentic neighbourhood of beautiful buildings, charming squares, and narrow streets. Climb up the Notre Dame de la Garde, nicknamed the ‘Good Mother', the guardian of sailors and fishermen, to admire the city. Go out for dinner in the spectacular dining spots of a new generation of creative restaurateurs. Go shopping on rue Paradis in the Docks district. Life is good for the residents of this, the second largest city of France, and their warm smiles and singsong accents will make your stay here pleasant and memorable. Oh, one more thing: don't leave town without trying the famous bouillabaisse, aioli, and focaccia.


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