Fresh entertainment on all Joon flights... it's easy to use and completely free. Simply download the YouJoon app!

2 episodes away from your destination

Stream quality content directly onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
TV shows and live concerts, cartoons, online TV channels (Viceland, Red Bull TV, Brut) and a wide range of newspapers and magazines. Not to mention a live flight tracker!

Switch to airplane mode

For unlimited entertainment in all Joon cabins:

1. Download the YouJoon app before you board the aircraft (App Store) (Google Play)
2. Once on board, enable airplane mode on your device
3. Enable WiFi and select the Joon network
4. Open the app, plug in your earphones and enjoy!

For intercontinental flights...

As well as YouJoon on your electronic device, you'll find a wide range of entertainment on your latest generation personal screen. You can enjoy 1,200 hours of movies, TV shows, music, games...

You can even take your earphones with you at the end of your flight! They're yours!

In the Business cabin, you will be given noise-canceling headphones for an exceptional audio experience.
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