44 Stanley: the anti-mall

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44 Stanley: the anti-mall

Abandoned industrial buildings from the 1930s have been transformed into design studios, galleries, and restaurants.

Along Empire Road, a virtual border between the rich districts of the north and the poor neighbourhoods of the south, awaits an outdoor type of mall, with a very New York feel.

Brian Green bought this large complex of abandoned and dilapidated 1930s warehouses in 2003. The former film director rehabilitated them into a mini-village with a huge courtyard where trendy restaurants coexist with vanguard shops and street art. At 44 Stanley, you will only see local designers, shops, and restaurants, in contrast to many shopping centres dedicated to mass consumption. There are some lovely terraces here too.

A young clientele and families wander about the stalls or share a meal on a central square that brings Provence to mind. Make sure you see Jonathan Robinson: he roasts fair trade coffee on location that has been imported from several African countries, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda, among others.

44 Stanley
44 Stanley Avenue
Johannesburg 2092

+27 (0)11 482 4444