A traditional galette at Roi Gradlon

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A traditional galette at Roi Gradlon

A gourmet getaway in one of the most popular traditional creperies in Brest.

Visitors should make it a point to visit this creperie located in the very centre of Brest, on a street parallel to the Rue de Siam. This local landmark eatery is named after one of the most famous kings of Armor, the former name of the land now known as Brittany. The name sets the tone: Roi Gradlon is a traditional creperie whose authenticity is in the details: wood panelling, subdued lighting, and small tables with white tablecloths. Buckwheat or wheat crepes, sweet or savoury, are made as soon as you order, using quality ingredients. Choose from a long list on the menu or customise your very own. The service is friendly and familial. A total success, for which it is strongly recommended to book ahead. There is a takeaway service, too.

La Crêperie du Roi Gradlon
19 rue Fautras
29200 Brest

+33 (0)2 98 80 17 28


Menu: around 20 EUR