A trip on the Tigre Delta, a bucolic getaway

A trip on the Tigre Delta, a bucolic getaway

Cruising on the Tigre Delta is a nice alternative to the bustle of Buenos Aires.

A destination esteemed by all residents of the capital for airing thoughts and changing perspectives, the delta of the Tigre offers lush scenery, a relaxing atmosphere and the opportunity to get a different fix on Buenos Aires. Located 32 kilometres from the city centre, it is ideally explored aboard a lancha, a colourful boat that sails lazily along the river, revealing how the men of the Delta transformed this marshy region by constructing a system of freshwater canals.

You will pass in front of yacht clubs, houses on stilts, markets, and the museum of former Argentine President Sarmiento. The more energetic traveller can go kayaking or wakeboarding. Venture as far as the town of Tigre to visit the Museum of Maté, a bitter plant that is drunk like tea and is one of the emblems of Argentine culture.

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