Along the tea route

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Along the tea route

From Aubineaux to Saint-Aubin, the tea route stands out as a great traditional breakaway for discovering Mauritius' colonial past.  

Destination: the Domaine des Aubineaux, one of the last colonial houses typical of the late 19th century.

Smelling the distinctive aromas of the antique wooden furniture – mostly dating from the East India Company – while discovering the old photographs is already quite a trip. The charming garden of camphor trees that surround the building is a haven of tranquillity. But already Bois Chéri, the second stage of the journey, arouses curiosity. After a tour of the tea factory, where you will be infused with the knowledge of its manufacturing secrets, take time to enjoy a cup, and offer yourself a contemplative break on the terrace of the chalet with its panoramic view over the south of the island.

In Saint-Aubin, the last leg of your journey, there will still be much to discover: a colonial house from 1819, a sugar factory, and a distillery.