Bavel: sumptuous blend of flavours

italian - fusion
Bavel: sumptuous blend of flavours

Food served at the Bavel restaurant offers a tasteful blend of Italian and Middle Eastern worlds.

Located in L.A.'s industrial Arts District, Bavel first opened as an Italian restaurant, but as time passed, various eastern influences left their imprint on the menu. Composed of hot and cold dishes, spicy deli meat from the Middle East, creamy hummus served on pita bread baked in a wood oven as well as various flat breads, it also offers delicious cocktails. Get ready for surprising desserts, like fried peaches served with an almond cake and farmhouse-milk ice cream, topped with Baharat spices.
The hanging garden made of a compendium of indoor plants hover above the dining room. When the lights are turned on at night, the vegetal rectangle turns into a shimmering chandelier. On the walls, the rustic look of the brick stones has been softened with the use of off-white colours, whilst the floor displays blue and yellow tile patterns. This wonderful mix is enhanced by candles, wicker chairs, marble tabletops and bar seats. A soft breeze blows on the heart of Los Angeles, straight from the East!

500 Mateo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

+1 213 232 4966

Menu: from 52 USD