Chafariz do Vinho, see if the wine is good

wine bar
Chafariz do Vinho, see if the wine is good

The Chafariz do Vinho serves excellent cuisine and fine wines at reasonable prices.

The Chafariz do Vinho (literally “the Wine Fountain”) is one of the most amazing places in Lisbon. Housed in an ancient aqueduct dating from the 18th century. It is one of the city's best wine bars, convivial and affordably priced, with a chic-industrial atmosphere, fabulous wine, and delicious appetizers. Local wines produced by small wineries are showcased, and it is tempting to settle in for the evening before an assortment of snacks goat cheese with tomato chutney, smoked sausage with cabbage, and bacon-wrapped dates. The service is pleasant, and the decor of rough stone, steel and wood gives this bar a unique and thoroughly engaging personality.

Chafariz do Vinho
Praça da Alegria
1250-000 Lisboa

+351 (0)21 342 2079

Menu: around 25 EUR