Chic ecology at Lakaz Chamarel

Chic ecology at Lakaz Chamarel

The luxury eco-lodge Lakaz Chamarel quickly engaged in the wave of intensive environmental protection to which the Mauritian government has committed, and is now the flagship address for Mauritian eco-tourism.

At the heart of the gorges of the Black River, Lakaz Chamarel could not have found a better location in which to flourish. Between lush vegetation and the view of the blue horizon, the eco-lodge blends beautifully into an environment conducive to wellbeing: bathed in the soft light of your private terrace, calm and serenity seem to keep you company.

The bright colours of the walls and materials function as allegories of happiness. At dusk, enjoy an outdoor tropical shower—and share a moment of intimacy with the stars.

Lakaz Chamarel
Piton Canot

+230 483 4240

Rooms: from 5,850 MUR