Destination Pacific in Kaiyukan

Destination Pacific in Kaiyukan

Known as the most beautiful aquarium in Asia, the Kaiyukan hosts hundreds of species of marine creatures from the Pacific and the ‘Ring of Fire'.

At the centre of Kaiyukan, the largest fish in the world—the whale shark—undulates gracefully, surrounded by manta rays and hundreds of bluefin tuna. The giant aquarium opened in 1990, offering the public a look at the organisms living around the ‘Ring of Fire' (a volcanic zone stretching around the Pacific Ocean) and its ‘life belt' (the flora and fauna that populate this area). A total of 620 aquatic species are represented in its collection of 30,000 fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, invertebrates, and plants.

After taking the fish tunnel, devoted to tropical and subtropical species, through the Japanese ecosystem populated by giant salamanders and spotted masu salmon, you can delight in not only the sea otters of the Aleutian Islands, the California sea lions from Monterey Bay, and the Antarctic penguins, but also white-sided dolphins (from the Tasman Sea), the largest crabs in the world (from the Japan Trench), jellyfish, loggerheads… All the inhabitants of this pretty world frolic in 14 giant pools containing a total of 11,000 tonnes of water.

Aquarium Kaiyukan
1-1-10 Kaigan-dori
Minato-ku, Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 552-0022

+81(0)6 6576 5501