Dongdaemun Design Plaza: the emblem of design in Korea

Dongdaemun Design Plaza: the emblem of design in Korea

Known as DDP, this architectural jewel, designed by the famous Iraqi-British architect ZahaHadid, stands like a UFO on the cityscape.

Seoul, crowned the world capital of design by UNESCO in 2010, now has too many incredibly revolutionary structures in contemporary style to count. The DDP, the largest building of asymmetric architecture in the world, is one of the best examples of ultra-modernity in the megalopolis. Located in the historic Jongno District, this complex serves as an exhibition space and cultural events centre. It also hosts a design museum, a hall of arts, a shopping and conference space, and a design laboratory. Symbolising the country's future, the DDP also embodies a connection with the history of the nation because of its location (the site houses many ancient relics), and by its 30,000 square-metre park, which is structured along the principles of traditional Korean gardens. It is the largest asymmetrical building in the world. Spread over 85,000 sqm, it counts 7 floors. Its overall design looks like a UFO, or what architect Zaha Hadid calls a “metonymical landscape”. Recalling water flowing by, the DDP bridges the gap between Korean traditions and the city's constant evolution.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
281, Eulji-ro

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