Ekstedt: the cuisine of a man of fire

Ekstedt: the cuisine of a man of fire

Low temperatures and convection heat-induction stoves have no place here. There's just a wood fire, embers, and ashes for cooking that goes back to the basics.

If you live outside Stockholm, you cannot know Ekstedt Mat. He is the star of Niklas'Mat, the cult television cooking show. The least one can say is that though he has hosted guest chefs like Gordon Ramsay and, in his time, Joël Robuchon, they have had no influence on his own restaurant.

The setting is almost like a lumberjack's cabin. At the stove are bearded and tattooed men listening to Radiohead. There are no hot plates or gas burners here. Meat and fish are cooked over a wood fire, in ashes, or smoked.

In developing his recipes, the chef immersed himself in Swedish working-class culture, going back to 17th century recipes like pigeon with smoked pumpkin and almonds, and goose stewed in seaweed. Surprising? No, excellent. One word of warning: avoid the sourdough bread and the freshly churned, creamy butter they are too addictive!

Humlegärdsgatan 17
114 46 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 611 12 10


Menu: around 568 SEK