Enjoy the Moroccan Atlas and a few thrills along the way

Enjoy the Moroccan Atlas and a few thrills along the way

Far from the busy streets of the medina, take off with family or friends and enjoy various outdoor activities.

Right off Marrakech, you will have every opportunity to practice playful and sports activities, and even seek thrills in an extraordinary natural habitat. From horse to mountain bike riding, treetop adventures and high rope crossings, the young and old alike will delight in outdoor exercise.
South of the city, Les Terres d'Amanar is the largest aerial ground of the African continent, an ideal location to use ziplines over huge red canyons. For an afternoon devoted to treetop adventures, choose Paloozaland, a vast theme park just outside of Marrakech. It offers circuits adapted for all levels. And if you have a real taste for extreme odysseys, get ready as a trek on the slopes of the Atlas mountains will take you to reach the summits and discover remote Berber villages. Several associations based in Marrakech will help you prepare for the expedition!

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