Euskalduna Studio, a culinary experience

Euskalduna Studio, a culinary experience

Dive into the culinary world of chef Vasco Coelho and discover his new concepts and experiments.

Euskalduna means 'the Basque' in Basque language. Chef Vasco Coelho named his newest Porto project as a tribute to his roots. After a long experience in Basque country and Catalonia, he chose to set up a 'private kitchen' where special attention was placed on produce. After two long years of testing, he perfected his culinary skills and decided to create a new space exclusively dedicated to welcoming his guests: Euskalduna Studio.
In this intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, come and sit at the green marble bar or at one the welcoming oak tables. The tasting menu is articulated around ten dishes, which are divided into several appetizers, main courses and desserts. The dishes change regularly based on the seasonal offerings and market finds. As far as wines are concerned, sommelier Edgar Alendouro will be more than happy to match the wines and the dishes. Just divine!

Euskalduna Studio
Rua de Santo Ildefonso 404
4000-466 Porto

+351 93 533 5301

Menu: around 95 EUR