Fado: the music of saudade

Fado: the music of saudade

For locals, fado is the song of melancholy and Clube do Fado remains undoubtedly the best place to make its discovery.

For the Portuguese, only fado can recount life's greatest tales: stories of thwarted love, daily suffering, pervasive nostalgia, saudade, an untranslatable word that resonates to the rhythm of stringed instruments. Clube do Fado warmly invites newcomers to listen to the Portuguese guitar accompanying its mournful songs. The founder, the talented singer Maria da Fé, has opened a second and equally unique place, Sr. Vinho, where the best voices in the capital congregate.
Devotees listen intently to stunning melodies of melancholy while nibbling on simple, tasty dishes like pataniscas de bacalhau with rice and beans, pepper steak, and grilled wreckfish, or they arrive slightly after 10:00 p.m. for a drink. The musicians change every 30 minutes, offering the public moments of authentic fado between two short breaks for conversation.

Clube do Fado
Rua de São João da Praça 86-94
1100-521 Lisboa

+351 (0)21 885 2704


Sr. Vinho
Rua Meio à Lapa 18
1200-723 Lisboa

+351 (0)21 397 2681