Feelin' Good, Italy at the time of American prohibition

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Feelin' Good, Italy at the time of American prohibition

In the very heart of Catania, Feelin' Good veers off Sicilian gastronomy and towards early 20th-century Italian-American burger territory.

Far from Sicily, Feelin' Good pays tribute to these Italian immigrants who had a hand in America's history. Just like in the New York steakhouses of yesteryear, the restaurant highlights exposed brick walls while lights hanging from the ceiling hark back to the 1900s. In the back of the dining room, your eyes will be turned toward a gigantic picture, showcasing construction workers having a lunch break mid-air on the beam of a skyscraper under construction, their feet dangling way over the Manhattan skyline. On other walls, you will notice portraits of famous gangsters of the Prohibition era in New York or Chicago.

On the tables, plates are full of burgers named after celebrities of the time, be they gangsters or jazzmen. Opt for the Lucky Luciano (beef patty, tomatoes, crispy bacon, cheddar, bittersweet onions and BBQ sauce) or the Thomas Barker vegan counterpart (seitan steak, tomatoes, grilled eggplant and zucchini, soy mayo) and take a bite of another Italian heritage, built on the other side of the Atlantic.

Feelin' Good
Via Carlo Felice Gambino, 17
95131 Catania CT

+39 095 715 0770


Menu: burger from 8 EUR