Gourmix, local sandwiches

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Gourmix, local sandwiches

The (almost) infinite variations of homemade sandwich snacks.

Gourmix: the name is a nod to the Celtic origins of the city. Were the Gauls greedy? Here you are tempted to become so. If you get peckish, while walking about on the slopes of Croix-Rousse or on a shopping spree around Bellecour on the Presqu'île peninsula, you will be spoiled for choice. Homemade foie gras, rosette de Lyon, ham, mature cheeses and much more are all on offer!

Twenty local ingredients are available in 106 original creations, with added sun-dried tomato, rocket, crunchy vegetables, honey and caramelised onions on buns straight out of the on-site oven. You can combine different flavour combinations of your choice, just like the French version of tapas, which you put together by checking off the ingredients from the long list available. Depending on your appetite, three to four of these little snacks should be enough. For dessert, try the homemade yoghurt with rhubarb. In the evening you can eat 'Mini'wiches' with a glass of regional wine.

22 rue de la Platière
69001 Lyon
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7 place Antonin Poncet
69002 Lyon
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Centre commercial Confluence
Niveau 2
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Sandwiches: from 1.50 EUR