Hierbabuena, the new 100% healthy spot

Hierbabuena, the new 100% healthy spot

In the heart of San Telmo, one of the mythical neighbourhoods of the Argentinian capital, Hierbabuena, tackles environmental issues head on.

Hierbabuena is a cosy restaurant based on nature and healthy food that welcomes vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, as well as lactose and gluten-intolerant patrons. The dishes are always artfully decorated and prepared with the best available ingredients, highlighting flavours and seasons.
Their speciality? The mushroom veggie burger, served with a mix of tomatoes, red onions, pickles and homemade vinaigrette. You will also probably fall for the avocado sandwich with thin slices of roast chicken covered with melted crispy and grilled cheese.
The vintage-style decoration, warm lighting, chequered tablecloths and aging wooden furniture all contribute to make you feel at home. As an added bonus, positive quotes adorn the walls everywhere, for, at Hierbabuena, flavours and humour always rhyme.

Avenida Caseros 454
San Telmo
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 43 62 25 42


Menu: from 640 ARS