Isabel, Buenos Aires' temple of night life

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Isabel, Buenos Aires' temple of night life

An evening drink in a luxurious and trendy setting? Knock on Isabel's door and enter the invigorating atmosphere of Argentinean nights.

Isabel's is inspired by the trendiest places in New York and Paris. The restaurant, bar and nightclub are rather elitist with bouncers restricting access to the golden door behind a velvet rope.

Inside Isabel is decorated with retro furniture and Art Deco armchairs. The luminous ceiling is inspired by the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The bartenders dressed in white await you as in a casino, because you have to buy chips to pay for your drinks. The drinks list changes every hour with aperitifs made with Campari, Cynar or Champagne. For dinner, the dishes are designed to marry perfectly with the different varieties of cocktails. After midnight, it is time for racy Martinis and tangy punch.

Lively music will accompany you well into the night. Don't miss the jasmine fragrant white marble courtyard for a moment of outdoor glamour.

Uriarte 1664
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 48 34 69 69

Menu: around 470 ARS