Jaipur, the pink city

Jaipur, the pink city

Jaipur embodies the essence of Indian culture. To experience it is a 48-hour marathon!

Jaipur, with its three million inhabitants, is full of energy and mythical places to discover. Early in the morning, after dodging scooters, taxis, elephants, and camels, visit the fabric stalls of the Bapu Bazaar or the clothing and jewellery stalls at Johari Bazaar. Make a pilgrimage to Gem Palace, jeweller of the Kasliwal family for eight generations. There, contemplate exceptional antique jewellery, maharajas' chests, and precious gems. For lunch, give yourself a break at Anokhi café, the mecca of light snacks. Your afternoon will be taken up by two tours: the Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal), and the City Palace, which is still the residence of the royal family.

Dine out at Bar Palladio, where a refreshing cuisine is served, before going to sleep in one of the 11 rooms at 47 Jobner Bagh, a chic cocoon hotel. The next day, lose yourself in the fort and the cenotaphs at Amber. 11 kilometres away from Jaipur and perched atop a hill, the building guards the Raj Palace. Some say it is actually the most gigantic fort in the world after Gwalior.

To complete this journey, venture out to Samode and spend the night in Samode Palace, a former Rajput-Mughal palace whose building, at dusk, is brilliantly lit.

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