Kim Sacks Gallery: Zulu art

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Kim Sacks Gallery: Zulu art

A passionate artist dedicated to preserving the wealth of a civilisation that is disappearing.

Founded by artist Kim Sacks, an accomplished ceramist who has travelled the world to study the craft, this amazing gallery showcases the work of local and international artists from all over Africa.

Here you will see a collection of ceramics and quality South African objects devoutly gathered by Sacks, who fights tirelessly for a civilization in great danger of dying. A woman with white skin but the heart of Zulu, steeped in passion and tenderness, Kim loves the creative genius of humanity.

Stop for a moment or for a few hours, and browse the extensive collection. Why not buy a unique piece of art? There are wooden carvings from the Congo, Zulu pottery, Mauritanian furniture, the threads and beads of South Africa, plus the textiles and ceramics of many artists on display here. A bright, peaceful, and harmonious space, it offers rare and unusual objects of great beauty.

Kim Sacks Gallery
153 Jan Smuts Avenue
Johannesburg 2193

+27 (0)11 447 5804