Kruger Park: a safari in search of the ‘Big Five'

Kruger Park: a safari in search of the ‘Big Five'

One of the most extraordinary nature reserves on the planet.

A five-hour drive from Johannesburg, discover one of the largest game reserves in Africa, Kruger Park, which bears the name of its founder, Paul Kruger, a South African politician and a great defender of nature. A massive 350 kilometres long and 60 kilometres wide, these 20,000 square kilometres will give you an appointment with the famous ‘Big Five': lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes. You will also find hyenas, hippos, giraffes, nyalas, and impalas. In all, 147 species of mammals, 500 varieties of birds, and 115 species of reptiles inhabit this Eden.

Today, more than 1 million visitors each year crisscross the 2 million hectares of the park and stay in one of 127 available lodges. Safaris set out every day with the famed open roofs. It is also possible to visit a small section of the Kruger Park on foot, but an armed ranger would need to accompany you.

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