La Cabrera, an Argentinean asado

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La Cabrera, an Argentinean asado

Unanimously considered the best meat restaurant of the capital, La Cabrera is a veritable institution in Buenos Aires, directed by chef Gastón Rivera.

Do you have a hankering for traditional Argentine meat? A good asado (grilled meat)? This restaurant is the place for you, but don't think about going there without a reservation, because La Cabrera is often crowded with local customers and travellers. The highly attentive staff will explain the house specialties, such as provoleta de queso de cabra (grilled goat cheese) and churrasquito con panceta (roasted ham).

With a wide assortment of tender meats, the chef Gastón Rivera customises the taste and flavour of its traditional dishes with simple and tasty preparations. Taste the grilled gizzard, beef sausage or the succulent bife de lomo (grilled beef). Accompany your meats with delicious Argentine wines..., which you are welcome to take home with you if you don't finish them.

La Cabrera
Jose Antonio Cabrera 5099
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 48 32 57 54

Menu: from 450 ARS