La Felicità, Big Mamma's XXL restaurant

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La Felicità, Big Mamma's XXL restaurant

After the Popolare pizzeria, Big Love Caffe, East Mamma, Ober Mamma and Pink Mamma, the group opens its seventh trattoria, of outstanding dimensions, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Housed in Station F, this 4,500 sqm food court offers 1,000 seats, five kitchens and three bars. La Felicità is a digest of Big Mamma's six other Parisian restaurants: fresh pasta, pizze, focaccia, burrata and other Italian treats await you. With one new addition, as the restaurant offers its take on hamburgers with the “Hamburgheria”. Desserts are very much in demand, with such goodies as brownies, lemon meringue pie and the traditional tiramisu which needs no introduction. As for drinks, the cocktail bar draws direct inspiration from Popolare's front window and its thousand bottles. When weather permits, pre-dinner drinks can be enjoyed outside, on the large tables of canteen spirit, or on sun loungers. Order through the mobile app, which lets you know when ready, or directly at the stand.

La Felicità
55 boulevard Vincent Auriol
75013 Paris

Menu : around 21 EUR