La Mère Brazier, Lyon's star

La Mère Brazier, Lyon's star

A vibrant, contemporary tribute to the most famous of Lyon mothers, the icons of local gastronomy.

'The Blazing Brazier' is what the poet Jacques Prévert called her. It is impossible not to mention Eugenie Brazier when you talk about Lyon gastronomy. She was 20 when she discovered cooking and 25 when she opened her own 'bouchon' (the traditional Lyonnais restaurant). She never left her stove until the age of 72 and was the first woman to twice receive three Michelin stars. She embodies the excellence of Lyonnais gastronomy, and it was in her restaurant that a young boy named Paul Bocuse apprenticed.

In 2008, Mathieu Viannay, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004, succumbed to the charm of this institution and bought it. He brought a breath of modernity to the place, while respecting its history and keeping its 1930s décor, tiled flooring, and bay windows.

The chef reinterprets the legendary dishes of Eugenie Brazier with fidelity and sensitivity, like the Bresse chicken, the blue lobster casserole, milk-fed veal fillet studded with anchovies or crispy pain de brochet. The Brazier flame has been stoked again and has already earned multiple Michelin stars.

La Mère Brazier
12 rue Royale
69001 Lyon

+33 (0)4 78 23 17 20

Menu: around 160 EUR (lunch set menu 75 EUR)