Limon, a sunny tribute to Latin America

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Limon, a sunny tribute to Latin America

The new Hôtel Marignan restaurant has become the talk of the town. High time to take a journey to the famous Limon Brasserie.

In lieu of Nubé, where the talented Juan Arbelaez had previously officiated, Limon now seduces gourmets with the famous Colombian chef's generous and freshly prepared dishes. On the menu, a sun-drenched cuisine composed of the most outstanding citrus fruits of Latin America.

Just a few steps from the Champs-Élysées, this brand new hybrid space, between bar and restaurant, opens onto a large terrace connected to the street, creating a gourmet universe that feels more relaxed, but just as charming as its predecessor. “Memories of childhood, roots and encounters”, this is the inspiration of the young chef, who strives to offer colourful and acidic dishes: Corrèze veal in tonnato style with Meyer lemon, brûléed skipjack tuna and flambéed artichokes with mezcal, as well as vacherin Mandarina with basil and vanilla, are some of the exquisite options. Welcome to Limon!

14, rue de Marignan
75008 Paris

Tel : +33 (0)1 71 93 96 57

Menu: from 35 EUR