Mama Shelter gets trendy

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Mama Shelter gets trendy

Architect Roland Castro and designer Philippe Starck have joined forces to establish Mama's trendy style in the Jean Macé district.

Close to the banks of the Rhône, Mama Shelter is located in the lively and trendy Jean Macé quarter. This contemporary concept hotel has bet on a surprising scenography in an anti-conformist atmosphere. It is no surprise that famous designer Philippe Starck has left his mark here, imbuing the space with gentle humour and whimsy.

His humour also comes across in the rooms, which have been give names like Small Mama, Large Mama and even XXL Mama. All these "Mamas" are ultraconnected, with TV, radio, AirPlay, Skype, Internet, Wi-Fi, and movies all available for free. There are no standard rooms, as each is individually decorated for maximum comfort and practicality. The real mix of designer furniture and artistic elements adorning the walls give your room its own identity. In this sense, Mama Shelter also eschews 'standardised' relationships, so the atmosphere is friendly and makes you feel at ease with the staff. On Sundays, take advantage of the brunch, where the buffet extends the entire length of the restaurant and is sure to be a hit with foodies!

Mama Shelter Lyon
13 rue Domer
69007 Lyon

+33 (0)4 78 02 58 00

Rooms: from 89 EUR