Maude: a unique experience

Maude: a unique experience

Getting a reservation at this tiny, 25-seat restaurant is a challenge, but it's entirely worth the effort.

Voted best new L.A. restaurant in 2014, Maude is the brainchild of Curtis Stone. This young Australian prodigy likes to tell the story that he learned cooking from his grandmother before going on to many London establishments. Soon after, he started a television career, with shows about gastronomy.

Now, hailed by the American press, Stone can say that he has pushed the boundaries of Californian cuisine. His unconventional, innovative cooking focuses each month on a single ingredient. This may be strawberries, asparagus, or pomegranates, but Stone develops a wide range of flavours from each element and shows it off from appetizer to dessert.

The experience is unique, especially since the food presentation is aesthetically pleasing. Discussion is open-ended, and your opinion is always solicited by the servers and the chef when he leaves his kitchen to greet you at your table.

Maude restaurant
212 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

+1 310 859 3418

Menu: around 110 USD