Monkfish corn couscous by Fatema Hal

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Monkfish corn couscous by Fatema Hal

The Es Saadi Palace has offered Fatema Hal the kitchen keys to its gastronomic restaurant. As an ambassador of Moroccan cuisine in Paris, she retells an unusual couscous story for us.

Based on the third and last floor of the Es Saadi Gardens & Resort palace, the Cour des Lions restaurant offers an unobstructed vista onto the Atlas mountains and the whole domain. The whole decoration is made of stone filigree and plaster cast in the Arab-Andalusian style. Before sitting at the table, guests are welcome to spend some time in the main salon displaying incredible sofas.
In the kitchen, chef Fatema Hal wants to bring ancestral dishes of Moroccan cuisine back into fashion. These include the genuine ras el-hanout mourouzia (a recipe that dates back to the 12th century), pigeon pastille and the imperial Madfoun, more commonly known as ‘veiled couscous'...

Fatema Hal's recipe: carve medallions of monkfish (3.3 pounds for 10 servings) and ask the fishmonger not to throw the heads away, as you will use them in the broth. Boil water in the lower pot of the couscous maker and put the corn couscous in the upper one. Seal the two pots and bring them to the boil. In a cooking pot, drop 4 spoons of olive oil, 3 minced onions, a monkfish head (for taste), 2 teaspoons of turmeric, 1 spoon of salt and 1 spoon of pepper, 3 squashed garlic cloves and a bunch of chiselled cilantro. Pour water and bring them to the boil over an open flame. Reduce it and add the monkfish. Let it stew for 10 minutes. Keep warm and reserve. When couscous is ready, pour it in a hollow dish. Moisten in juice, add the monkfish medallions on top and onions and other vegetables around them. Serve with a side of broth.

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