Museo Civico Medievale, take a plunge into history!

Museo Civico Medievale, take a plunge into history!

Located in the Ghisilardi Fava Palazzo, one of the most sumptuous buildings of Bologna, the museum is a testimony of life in the Middle-Ages, the city's golden age.

Opened in 1985 Via Manzoni, away from the tumultuous life of the city centre, the Medieval Arts Museum is part of an ensemble of museums called “Arte Antica”. It is located at the heart of the Ghisilardi Fava Palazzo, a gem of Renaissance architecture that was built at the very end of the 15th century.

Inside, the collections are exceptional and you can discover crafted tools from the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries, marble and ivory sculptures, ornamented parchments, an impressive collection of armours and weapons – mostly from the 16th century, and ancient Murano glass items.

As part of the city academic tradition, the Medieval Museum shelters several remarkable sculpted tombs that portray teaching scholars. The masterpiece of the museum's collection is undoubtedly the Boniface VIII bronze statue, crafted in 1301 by Manno Bandini da Siena.

Museo Civico Medievale
Via Manzoni, 4
40121 Bologna

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