Mysteries and closeness at Pedro Limaõ

Mysteries and closeness at Pedro Limaõ

In the heart of the lively Bonfim neighbourhood in Porto, chef Pedro Limaõ launched his restaurant with closeness as the key word.

At first sight, Pedro Limaõ's dining room looks bewildering. Very informal and minimalist, it tremendously steps away from the arrangements usually found in the restaurant industry. Standing on the threshold, it will be hard to miss the tiny open kitchen, laid out like in an apartment. Serving 20 people only, the chef bets on a “non-restaurant” concept that favours closeness with patrons, treated like friends at a reunion dinner. The menu changes regularly, according to Pedro's mood, and offers a highly creative culinary experience. Playing the mystery card, it only shows the main ingredient used for each dish – the rest varies, depending on the seasons and the chef's whim. Order the “mushroom”, the “pork jowl” or the enigmatic “first impression” and surrender to the sweetest surprise…

Pedro Limaõ
R. do Morgado de Mateus 49
4000-334 Porto

+351 966 454 599

Menu: around 30 EUR