Ode Porto Wine House, out of time

Ode Porto Wine House, out of time

In the heart of Porto's historic district, the kitchens of the Ode Porto Wine House fume and perfume Douro's banks.

Exposed wooden beams, ochre stones walls and small slate tables are gathered in the warm atmosphere of the Ode Porto Wine House. Along the Douro River, the restaurant sells out every day despite its discretion. The watchword: freshness. The chef prepares his dishes using local products and organic ingredients from neighbouring farmers. A way for him to pay tribute to his grandmother's cooking, and to all people who actually take the time to fill their dishes with love.

Surrender and enjoy cod in chickpeas, a beefsteak with strawberry reduction, or the alheira, one of Portugal's specialities made from Iberian pork. A few delicious hours later, eat up your meat pie with mushrooms, served with a tasty Pinot noir. Book your table soon, the Ode Porto Wine House is looking forward to making you savour the purest flavours of an invincible city.

Ode Porto Wine House
Largo do Terreiro 7
4050-603 Porto

+351 91 320 0010


Menu: about 48 EUR