Paris-Paris, the trendy brasserie of the 10th arrondissement

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Paris-Paris, the trendy brasserie of the 10th arrondissement

After the success of their three Parisian addresses devoted to the art of hamburgers, the PNY team has decided to give pride of place to the classics of French bistro cuisine.

For a few years now, the neighbourhood has been a meeting point for young Parisian hipsters. On Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis between two packed terraces, Paris-Paris stands proud in a competitive atmosphere with other trendy addresses whose reputation is firmly established. True there is nothing to be ashamed of: from the street, the restaurant shines brightly. Light globes hanging from the ceiling along an immense golden rack, oak wood tables and counter catch the eye while contrasting with stone walls. This very carefully conceived design is the work of the Cut Architectures studio.

Once seated, try the hooked saucisson or the cucumbers in cream for starters. For the main, choose between steak and fries with a “Café de Paris” sauce, pasta shell mac & cheese to rejuvenate childhood memories or a free-range chicken, which are just as good. As for brunch aficionados, rendez-vous is taken on the weekend for a hot chocolate, freshly pressed juice, organic eggs, soldiers and homemade jam. Your tastebuds will thank you for the attention!

74, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis
75010 Paris

+33 (0)9 81 86 68 08

Menu: around 20 EUR