Park, a gorgeous bar to admire the sunset

nightlife - unusual
Park, a gorgeous bar to admire the sunset

A relaxed rooftop bar if you ever saw one, situated on the roof of a car park.

Concept creators will go for anything to find most surprising and unusual ideas. Park your rental car and take the lift to the last floor. Then walk up the access ramp that leads to a rooftop bar that offers a 360° vista every bit as exceptional as the ones you would have in Singapore and Hong Kong's skyscrapers. Up close, you will see Lisbon's roofs, the Santa Catarina bell tower, and then in the distance the Tagus River and 25 de Abril bridge. Attracted by the scent of the best cocktails the city has to offer, which you will enjoy in moderation, sit comfortably in wooden chairs amid unexpected vegetation for such a highly perched spot. When night falls, the city lights make for a breathtaking spectacle, to the sound of the best DJs. The night is on!

Park Bar
Calçada do Cambro 58
1200-115 Lisboa

+351 21 591 4011

Menu: around 15 EUR