Shabour, the intimacy of Mediterranean food

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Shabour, the intimacy of Mediterranean food

Halfway between grandma's cooking and high-level gastronomy, Shabour conveys patrons to a new type of experience. Anticipate only the very best.

The place looks hidden, and for good reason as it does not look like a restaurant: going into Shabour, you will feel like entering Assaf Granit's own home. The spearhead of Israeli cuisine here signs his tenth restaurant, and the second in Paris after Balagan. With Shabour, only two steps away from Les Halles neighbourhood, the chef recreates a sense of eating at home and invites up to 32 patrons to sit at the marble counter circle the central kitchen unit. With a real intimate feel, you will observe the graceful manoeuvres of the cooking team at work. The atmosphere is laidback, and the chef even takes time to chat with guests in-between dishes. Still, the Mediterranean-influenced recipes are displayed with the visual creativity and flavours one usually expects from a gastronomic restaurant. The menu changes constantly, but for dessert, it is recommended to try the chocolate mousse served with a hint of olive oil and a spoonful of fleur de sel. A unique kind of sensory experience!

19, rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris

Menu: around 70 EUR