Texan breakfast at HomeState

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Texan breakfast at HomeState

Truly iconic in Texas, the morning taco with scrambled eggs, bacon and red beans is now also an L.A. hallmark.

Forget about ground beef and tomato sauce of your classic Mexican taco: at HomeState, you will have its breakfast counterpart! Taking its inspiration from the morning snack cooked by Mexican-American moms and grandmas in Texas, this speciality is best served for brunch, a successful trend now in Los Angeles. HomeState already owns a restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard that is always packed. It is now possible to try these “breakfast tacos” near Highland Park, comfortably taking the sun in, seated in the 10-sqm patio. On the menu, the Trinity offers eggs, bacon, potatoes and cheddar in a wheat or corn tortilla, true mix of tex-mex origins. The Guadalupe (eggs, cheddar and chorizo) will delight spicy food enthusiasts. And for a vegetarian alternative, pick the Comal, with eggs, red beans and deliciously nutty Monterey Jack. Angelinos have been warned: when it comes to the art of breakfast, Texans own the title!

5611 North Figueroa Street, unit 1
Los Angeles, CA 90042

+1 323 204 9397


Tacos from 3.50 USD