The best of both worlds at Tapisco

The best of both worlds at Tapisco

If you are hesitating between Portuguese and Spanish cuisine, why choose? This popular address among gourmet tapas aficionados offers the best of each!

Contraction of "tapas" (appetiser) and "petiscos" (snack), Tapisco is a restaurant where there is strength in unity. Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa knows no boundaries when it comes to cooking, offering Portuguese and Spanish specialties on the house's menu. In the plate as in life, the two countries are friends. A myriad of small dishes will delight even the most demanding gastronomes... Here, Lisbon cod is paired with Iberian ham, and the bomba de Lisboa is as explosive as the patatas bravas.

As for drinks, another specialty inspired by the Iberian Peninsula creates a perfect pairing: lightly distilled vermouth accompanies delicacies, indoors or on the terrace, and is found in cocktails like the bold spicy Príncipe or wiser Old Fashion. A warm and welcoming restaurant, like the plates that stack around your table for an unforgettable tasting.

Rua Dom Pedro V 81
1250-093 Lisboa

+351 21 342 0681

Tapas: from 5 EUR