Rib Beef and Wine, meat summa cum laude

Rib Beef and Wine, meat summa cum laude

There will be blood at Rib Beef & Wine, a steakhouse that serves carefully picked meat dishes.

By the Douro, in the Ribeira neighbourhood, the hotel Pestana Vintage's restaurant has chosen to stand out. The Rib Beef & Wine is the only place in town offering ‘protected designation of origin' meat dishes with rich sauces, quite different from the culinary traditions usually found in town. On the menu, you will find the Irish Tomahawk Black Angus, the porterhouse steak, cut right into the filet, or the boneless and marbled Rib eye steak. You get it alright, it's all about the cut.
You can choose among various sides – beans, rice or turnip green compote – and of course tomato and candied onions, as well as port wine served with every dish. And vegetarians, fear not, the restaurant also offers ‘cool alternatives': vegetarian ribs, or mushroom risotto.

Rib Beef & Wine
Praça da Ribeira 1
4050-513 Porto

+351 22 340 2300


Menu: around 50 EUR