your business travel solution

BlueBiz, your business travel solution

BlueBiz, your business travel solution

Have you earned Blue Credits with your BlueBiz account? Convert them into tickets or upgrades, and save on your company’s travel budget!

Convert your Blue Credits into tickets and upgrades

At any time, you can convert Blue Credits earned by your company into all ticket available in the AIR FRANCE and KLM booking tool. You can also use Blue Credits on upgrades, please check for more information. The BlueBiz tickets or upgrades can be used for any employee of your company.
Converting Blue Credits is simple!
You can convert Blue Credits into tickets and upgrades using a simple scale: 1 Blue Credit = 1 SEK.

BlueBiz tickets


With BlueBiz, managing your Blue Credits is easier than ever since 1 Blue Credit = 1 SEK. Simply make sure that enough Blue Credits are in your account to cover your fare… and receive your BlueBiz ticket!

For example: you have earned 12,000 Blue Credits. You can purchase a BlueBiz ticket at a price up to 12,000 SEK. If you choose a round trip Stockholm-New York flight at a fare of 11,600 SEK (tax included), you will use 11,600 Blue Credits. The 400 unused Blue Credits remain on your account to be used for your next BlueBiz ticket. 

… and flexible!

Blue Credits may be used to purchase any type of ticket , no matter the fare or destination. BlueBiz tickets can be used under the following conditions: 

• All BlueBiz awards must be completely purchased using only Blue Credits (including fees and taxes).

• Standard conditions corresponding to the chosen fare apply to award tickets.

• All modification or refund requests must be made to local BlueBiz customer service representatives. 

• Ticket modification fees can be paid for using Blue Credits, or through another payment method.

• It is possible to change an itinerary before the start of a trip, and with the agreement of the local BlueBiz team. Fare adjustments occurring due to the itinerary change must be paid in Blue Credits.

• Award ticket refunds are made by re-crediting the BlueBiz account with Blue Credits

BlueBiz upgrades

Request an upgrade, click here
You can purchase a BlueBiz upgrade on AIR FRANCE and KLM operating flights.

To request for a BlueBiz upgrade, use the award request form at least 5 working days before your departure (the time necessary to process your request).
The value of a BlueBiz upgrade is calculated using the following method:

Difference between the purchased fare (+ taxes) of the original purchased ticket and the fare (+ taxes) of the newly issued ticket in the higher cabin class.
The fare difference is converted into Blue Credits and debited from the BlueBiz account.

BlueBiz upgrades are issued according to the following criteria:

Booked in the next highest cabin class in the first booking code available, authorized according to the rules defined below. A BlueBiz upgrade can only be issued by local BlueBiz teams.

Manage your awards in total security!

In order to ensure the proper use of your BlueBiz account, only the administrator designated for the account is authorized to check the account total and request awards.

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