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Seville, Spain

The beating heart of Andalusia - Seville is best known for its fascinating architecture and vibrant culture. A walk down the city’s meandering streets perfectly reveals the many captivating monuments and baroque churches built there. Don’t miss the nights in the city, whether they’re spent dancing to Flamenco or dining at one of the many tapas bars in town. For a glimpse into the city’s spirit  – simply attend one of the many annual festivals that buzz with the thrilling Spanish fervour.

From 1 June 2020 Air France will operate one daily flight between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Seville during Summer 2020. Flights will be operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft.

Krakow, Poland

Situated on the banks of the Vistula River, Krakow is defined by its artistic allure and riveting history. Poland’s former capital is home to the Old Town - one of the earliest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nestled deep in the heart of the city, it’s a cultural gem, waiting to be unravelled. That’s not all - the city flaunts an array of European architectural styles visible from every cobblestoned pathway. Renowned for its many faces, Krakow is a city of fusion, reconnecting its extraordinary past to an increasingly urban cityscape.

From 29 March 2020, Air France will operate 7 weekly flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Krakow. Flights will be operated by an Airbus A320.

Qingdao, China

Sitting on China’s Yellow Sea coast, Qingdao is captivating in its style, combining modern architecture with its rich culture and history. The city’s enchanting historical sites include the Great Wall of Qi, known to be the oldest Great Wall of China, as well as the serene sea-facing Zhanshan temple. Meander this seaside city while soaking in the fresh sea breeze. With its ravishingly diverse food scene, Qingdao is the place to go for food lovers and city wanderers alike.

From 19 June, Air France will operate 3 weekly flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Qingdao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights will be operated by an Airbus A330 - 200.

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the largest city in Sicily will captivate your senses. Many cultures have left a mark in this complex metropolis where souk-like markets rub against baroque churches, arabesque domes and citrus-filled cloisters. But that’s not all – another reason to visit the Sicilian capital is the much loved cuisine, so do as the locals do and start your day with an amazingly aromatic coffee and a delicate, freshly baked pastry. The local specialities include both sweet and savoury treats.

From 18 July until 1 September 2019, Air France will operate 4 weekly flights to Palermo from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on an Airbus A319.

Heraklion, Crete

Crete’s natural beauty glistens on the Mediterranean. Being the largest of the Greek islands, the wondrous city of Heraklion sits south of the Aegean Sea, enriched with fine-sand beaches, exquisite olive gardens and thousands of years of culture. Discover the Pyschro cave found on Eastern Crete – which is said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Meander back in time and explore the Venetian Fortress and Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum. With Crete’s cultural treasures, this exquisite island is more than meets the eye.

Split, Croatia

Surrounded by the charming Dalmatian mountains and enchanting Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s ancient city of Split sits as a perfect backdrop to one of Europe’s panoramic destinations. Built on the grounds of where the Roman Empire once stood, wandering through Diocletian’s palace and surviving ruins is like travelling back in time. With over a thousand neighbouring islands, Split is the perfect home base to visit the most beautiful sandy beaches and stunning coastlines.

Olbia, Sardinia

Known for its dazzling white sandy beaches and turquoise clear waters, Olbia is home to one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean. Experience wine tasting like never before at a local vine yard or learn the traditions of Sardinian cuisine at an unforgettable cooking class. The infamous Costa Smeralda often dominates the best-loved beaches; venture further and discover the peaceful coves in Cala Golortize and Cala Mariolu, there are many more of the island’s coastal jewels waiting to be enjoyed.


Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea is one of the greatly adored treasures of the Mediterranean. Nestled with limestone streets and baroque architecture, the Old Town and its many stunning sights from the ancient city walls are an awe-inspiring walk in the past. Enjoy a metropolis of contrasts; a charming historical landmark and a world-renowned destination for summer festivals, bursting with music, theatre and dance performances.

For the summer season, Air France will operate between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Dubrovnik every Saturday as of 27 April until 26 October 2019, every day except Wednesday and Friday as of 13 July until 1 September 2019. Flights will be operated with an Airbus A319 or A320.

Ibiza, Spain

One of the Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain, Ibiza is blessed with more than 50 wondrous beaches. These hidden gems are an incredible discovery for explorers and beach lovers. Visitors can further explore neighbouring islands like Formentera, Mallorca or Menorca. With its bedazzling nightlife and vibrant clubs, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni are major hotspots for summer parties.

For the summer season, Air France will operate daily flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Ibiza as of 13 April until 26 October 2019 with an Airbus A318.

Cagliari, Sardinia

Overlooking the Mediterranean sea on the island of Sardinia, Cagliari is rich in history and architecture. Soak in the many sights of the Italian city as you walk past piazzas and cathedrals. If you’re after sun, sand and the sea, Cagliari’s pristine beaches also provide the perfect escape. Wind down your evenings with hillside walks or sample the excellent local cuisine.

During the summer season, Air France will operate between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Cagliari every Saturday as of 13 April until 26 October 2019, daily as of 15 July until 1 September 2019.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Asia, is marked by the traces of a bright past. Its winding streets, small squares, numerous churches, old houses and fortresses dating from the 4th century make Tbilisi a picturesque city with an exceptional heritage. From the Caucasian mountains to the beaches of the Black Sea, Georgia is full of an astonishing range of landscapes that will delight nature lovers.

From 31 March 2019, Air France will operate two weekly flights to Tbilisi from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday and Sunday during the summer season with an Airbus A320.

Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia’s capital city bears a colourful history with a unique character. Having evolved with a mix of influences, today the city’s inimitable spirit is better seen in its lifestyle. During the day, Belgrade’s many museums give an insight into the country’s heritage. By night it teems with a vibrant café culture and is renowned for its lively entertainment.

From 31 March 2019, Air France will begin operating daily flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Flights will be operated during the summer season with an Airbus A319 and A320.

Quito, Ecuador

Situated 2,850 meters high in the Andean foothills, Quito is flanked by six volcanoes and is amongst one of the most impressive locations in the world. The charming historic center packed with colonial monuments, architectural treasures, picturesque plazas and magnificent churches made Quito the first Unesco World Heritage site.

From 23 May 2019, Air France will operate 3 weekly flights to Quito from Paris Charles de Gaulle flying on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with an Airbus A340.

Dallas, USA

Dallas is the second largest city in Texas, and is filled with popular culture and rich history. Home to the Dallas Cowboys and the infamous AT&T Stadium, the city is filled with an impressive array of museums, bars and coffee shops. Explore the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, where you can find a selection of world-class events and relish in the beauty of horticulture.

From 31 March 2019, Air France will begin operating 3 weekly flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Dallas. Flights will be operating on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays until 5 October 2019 with an Airbus A330-200. In addition, two flights will be operating on Mondays and Saturdays between 1 July to 1 September 2019.

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