Surprise your partner this Valentine's Day to the most romantic cities in Europe.


As you walk around Paris's many neighbourhoods, let yourself be led by your nose. In Cyrano de Bergerac's country, even if you don't speak the language, your nose can appreciate its multitude of scents.

Paris has been described as the joy of living in a myriad of little things: the scent of a cup of coffee and croissants in the morning, elegant women in grey suits smiling in the streets, the smell of hot bread, the pungent smells in the food markets, the bouquet of a bottle of wine shared with friends, the trail of mythic perfumes wafting over the doorsill of luxury boutiques like incense in houses of worship in a country that believes only in life.


Lively day and night, Rome reveals various surprises, all between refinement and piacere (pleasure).

Since all roads lead here, find the one that leads straight to the beauty at its heart. Ride your Vespa and discover Rome, the city of splendours. Nestled among the seven hills that jealously guard it, under the watchful eyes of the stone lions of Piazza del Popolo and the maternal gaze of the Capitoline Wolf, the Eternal City proudly and haughtily flaunts, at every viale and vicoli, and on each of its countless piazzi, its marvellous adornments and enticements. Gardens, galleries, palaces, domes, fountains… each takes us back to the Rome of the Caesars, the Rome of the popes, the Renaissance of the Borgias and the Medicis, the Baroque explosion.


A city born of the sea, Venice has preserved the enchanting palaces and lavish mansions of its glorious past alongside an equally alluring lifestyle.

The name alone evokes the absolutely extraordinary. Everyone aspires to come to Venice, and all those who have already made the trip to this Italian wonderland dream only of one thing: of returning again and again and again. Venice is also the rendezvous for lovers, seen kissing under the Bridge of Sighs and embracing on the Piazza San Marco. A little anecdote brings us closer, a little, just a little, to the quintessence of this city full of wonders: At four in the morning, a stranger asks a Venetian about the way back to his hotel. The man reflects for a moment and replies: ‘The shortest or the most beautiful?'
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