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Flight from 2 546 SEK Round trip*

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Tel Aviv-Yafo

Flight from 2 546 SEK Round trip*

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Must-see Israel

A trip to Israel is both a time and space warp. From Jerusalem old shops to the Mount of Olive trees, through the very open Tel Aviv, Israel offers a multicultural face through religiosity, trek in the desert and wild celebrations.

All travel guides can tell you: a trip to Israel is primarily a spiritual journey. At the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, it was the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions. Imprinted with spirituality, it is home to the Western Wall, the Mount of Olive trees and the Mount Temple. From the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, to that of the Annunciation in Nazareth, or around Lake Tiberias, every ride is a journey of faith. The sloping streets of the old Jewish Quarter of Safed and its sublime synagogues are the favorite haunt of many artists.

Steeped in history, the ancient city of Akko has kept its ramparts from the Crusaders’ era. Masada, built by Herod in the middle of the Judean Desert, overlooks the Dead Sea, and provides views of exceptional beauty. With its rocky, almost lunar landscape, the Negev desert will delight trek fans, especially the impressive Makhtesh Ramon crater, 400 meters deep (1312 feet). Beautiful walks await you on the Golan volcanic plateau with gorgeous views across the Hula Valley. Mount Carmel, on the heights of Haifa, holds a breathtaking view across the Bay and resembles San Francisco.

A flight to Tel Aviv, hyperactive city and melting pot of creativity, is the promise of a festive, cultural and intense stay.

A ticket to Israel allows you to discover the warm waters of the incredible Dead Sea. Earth's lowest elevation, 400 meters (1312 feet) below sea level, its very high salinity defies all laws of gravity.