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Flight from 1 150 SEK Round trip*

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Flight from 1 150 SEK Round trip*

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The Netherlands, a romantic and cosmopolitan destination

The Dutch have turned their country into a garden, they have arranged with dams, canals, and groves of trees, all decorated with charming villages, and cosmopolitan cities. The Dutch, known for their tolerance, have managed to turn towards contemporary modernity, whilst conserving a sense of tradition.

Book your flight to the Netherlands, and dive into the heart of a cosmopolitan and captivating culture. Resolutely European, the Netherlands experienced a strong period of prosperity in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The windmills that punctuate the landscape, and numerous monuments of historical city centres, testify to this glorious past.
With its network of canals, its barges, and its streets lined with red brick houses, Amsterdam has the charm of a 'Venice of the North'. This city where art galleries and design shops are nestled in old buildings, is ideal for a romantic getaway. A travel guide of Amsterdam is necessary for getting around the capital, a concentration of the essential cultural attractions the country has to offer. The historic city centre is designated to pedestrians. Stroll along the canals to discover remarkable buildings, such as the Royal Palace or the New Church. The Van Gogh Museum is an unmissable part of your stay in the Netherlands. It's the largest collection of masterpieces by the famous painter.

The Netherlands isn't just a postcard picture between canals, tulips and windmills. Contemporary architecture lovers will be surprised by the dynamism and boldness of new constructions in Rotterdam. The panorama of the city is constantly changing. There are many amazing structures, like the Markthal, an indoor market, and the Erasmus Bridge, where the cube houses are. It's also a city for shopping, and admiring contemporary art at Kunsthal, all in a modern ambience.