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Flight from 1 937 SEK Round trip*

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Flight from 1 937 SEK Round trip*

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Tunisia, an unforgettable way of life

Tunisia, the sunshine destination of the Maghreb! But its beaches and palm trees cohabit with cities which have authentic charm and a remarkable historical heritage. From Sidi Bou Said in Djerba, passing through Tunis, Hammamet, Sfax and Tozeur, a holiday in Tunisia combines scenery, entertainment, and sunshine.

Tunis is a fabulous starting point for a visit to Tunisia. On the agenda: a visit the Bardo Museum, strolls and shopping along Avenue Bourguiba, and best of all, diving in the heart of the Medina, listed as a World Heritage Site. Away from the city, discover other wonders like the archaeological site of Carthage, where the Phoenician ruins show the influence the city had in antiquity. Sidi Bou Said, with its moucharabiehs, their dark blue facades, and the panoramic view offered by its famous Café des Délices, also merits a look around.

A flight to Djerba is the best way to enjoy the sun in enchanting surroundings. The Tunisian peninsula is the reigning destination for family holidays, relaxing and sports activities. Hammamet is also a very popular seaside resort, with its huge amount of hotels and its wide offering in terms of medical tourism. Hammamet also unveils some hidden treasures, such as its ramparts and two medinas. Opt for Tabarka for its thalassotherapy centres.

The coast is not the only treasure you can enjoy during a holiday to Tunisia. From the white setting of Tunis to the turquoise waters of Monastir, the Bizerte fishing port to the Matmata Mountains, passing through the date palm-grove of Tozeur, at the foot of the local dunes of the Sahara that have inspired great films (Star Wars or The English Patient), a visit to Tunisia is rich in breath-taking landscapes.