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Vietnam from top to bottom

To cover this long country located just to the South of China, Air France offers flights to Hanoi, the economic capital in the North, and to Ho Chi Minh City. Among the many places to visit in Vietnam, Hanoi definitely ranks first, especially for those who love to shop. It is an extremely lively town, basking in a festive atmosphere, with clear colonial vestiges and a must-see war museum. Those looking for breath-taking landscapes should head out 220 miles North-West of Hanoi, up in the mountains (5,400 ft. high); it is the perfect place for hiking in the rice paddies. Just over 60 miles to the South of Hanoi lie karst rocks and amazing landscapes. Tam Coc, nicknamed “Ha Long Bay on land”, can be visited by boat - which takes you on a journey through all the surrounding caves. Your travel guide to Vietnam will invite you to relax on the beach in Nha Trang, to the South of the country - a seaside resort loved by the Vietnamese and tourists alike, who want a break from the noisy cities. The perfect place for deep-sea diving before heading to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon - a booming city where sky-scrapers stand tall next to beautiful, colourful pagodas such as An Quang and the Jade Emperor pagoda.

Vietnam - as a Unesco World Heritage site

If you are wondering what to do in Vietnam, you can trust Unesco who ranked several Vietnamese sites on its World Heritage list, starting with the Hue citadel, built in the early 19th century in the ancient imperial capital. You cannot travel to Vietnam without visiting Ha Long Bay - one of Asia’s most famous sites located to the East of Hanoi - also ranked by Unesco since 1993. Thousands of limestone islands rise up from the water and are home to birds, mostly, and some uninhabited grottos.